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Google or Facebook / Tweeter ANALYTICS

12 February 2016

Facebook or Tweeter, as your WEB, are your homes. You definitely want to know, for both, which friends have paid you a visit, why, how often and their interests… as you may want them to come again. The WAY you talk or WHAT you say, engages differently. However, if you neglect to monitor your Facebook insights, you may want to reconsider. 

Become richer; Facebook & Tweeter Insights give visibility firstly on what your audience responds to (language, topics or visuals) and secondly enables to understand your audience. Building a community is the aim of developing brands, however engaging with a “valuable” community (close to your brand identity) by having “valuable” content (higher engagement share to exposure rate) to spend against in ads should be your new FOCUS, either a developing or established brand.

Reading your stats vs defined objectives (reach, likes, comments, shares, CTR, video views or content expand, etc) should always be benchmarked on self-improvements and against competitors as it provides the frame to gradually improve over time.

Key advices:

a. “play” with language – your audience may react better to short, direct or maybe to hearty, emotional posts.

b. always ask them to perform an “action”: either comment, share, push & pull to you landing page (“discover more”); it enables you to understand the efficiency of your post.

c. validate the analytics insights with social listening and calibrate the campaigns success and the channels of communication you should focus on.

d. you can measure anything with digital. Tie social media analytics insights into Google, YouTube analytics to see which channel is driving more quality traffic.

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